In early 2016 Envara was established as a licensed telecommunications operator and carrier with one main mission: To provide International VoIP services with quality, reliability and integrity.

Today Envara specialises in termination services on a truly global scale, touching each continent, no matter how limited the interconnectivity of that region, protecting revenue and margins whilst enabling a crystal clear voice.

Managing close to 60 carrier interconnects and reaching over 162 markets Envara focuses its efforts on expanding its interconnections to international markets our consumers and customers to enjoy clean and clear voice.

Our Network and Facilities

Operating through our fully redundant network, we have an overall capacity of 130,000 sessions and 450 CPS. This high-availability solution provides SIP and H323 protocols, with strong transcoding performances between all common codecs (g711, g729, g723, g726, iLBC, g722, evrc, amr).

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