International Voice

Providing end-to-end and quality of service in more than a thousand destinations for fixed and mobile networks operators around the world. Your international voice campaign will be a success with us. We make your voice campaign to be a success end to end.


We understand how important it is for your end users to be able to identify who is calling them. We make sure that When Calling Line Identification presentation (CLI) is applicable and activated, the network provides the called party with the number of the calling party at call set-up on all incoming calls. At Cronos we understand your business.


Our Premium Routing is ideal for network operators whose retail subscribers demand the highest quality and enhanced features (such as CLI) and are requesting the highest availability in quality of services in the network. We understand how important is that your customer here their counter part as clear so they can stay longer in their conversation! We make sure  that customer experience reach higher level of  satisfaction that are shown in our interconnection stats.


Our Value Routing is a stable product available for those service providers that require quality at affordable prices, without detriment of quality of services and delivery of your valuable business.

Call Center Routing

Do you have a Dialer Traffic? We are looking for your call center traffic, just send it to Envara and we will terminate your calls with Superior Quality. We have VOIP termination capacity for your call center, we have the port allocation in the destination you need in order to make more profits for your customers. You need more connected calls and we can help you!


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